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Many individuals have generously given of their time and resources to assist in the development of ISAT.  The volunteer Board of Trustees is an integral part of the operation.  Minna Work served as the first President of the Board, followed by Lorin Pugh, Nicholas Smith, Craig Huntington, Rob Lange, Bonnie Duvall, Joe Woodward, and Olga Siggins, with the current president being Chad Bunn.  The ISAT Board of Trustees remain strongly committed to ISAT's mission as demonstrated by their willingness to give of their time and expertise to further our goal of "Healing Families, Strengthening Lives."

Board of Trustees

          Chad Bunn, President
          Brigham Young University

          Lisa Tagge, Vice-President
          University of Utah

          Craig Yates, Secretary

          Dave Champlin
          Mediaport Entertainment

          Carl Evans
          Salt Lake County Sheriff

          Al Higham
          Larry H. Miller Group

          Jack McDonald

          David Peterson
          Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

          Gregory Phillips
          Boy Scouts of America

          Becky Pirente

          Anita Ryder