Sexual Abuse

“Mankind owes it to the child the best it has to give.” – United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Child and Adolescent Victim Program

The ISAT Child and Adolescent Victim Phase Program and Treatment Plan is utilized to help victims of sexual abuse in their journey toward recovery and rehabilitation.  Through this program, both male and female victims of sexual abuse receive services in an outpatient setting.  Treatment includes individual, group and family therapy, in addition to a parent group which provides support and assistance to parents whose children have been sexually abused.

Children Who Molest Children Program

The ISAT Children Who Molest Children Program is designed to serve sexually reactive children who molest. Treatment is provided for both male and female children. Program therapists utilize the ISAT Children Who Molest Children Level System and Treatment Plan. Through this treatment program, children are expected to develop an understanding of their sexually inappropriate behavior and resolve related issues. The program is structured in levels with clear goals and objectives. Individual, group and family therapy are provided.

young couple holding hands laughingAdults Molested as Children Program

The ISAT Adults Molested as Children (AMAC) Program provides services to adult survivors of sexual abuse. The AMAC Program includes individual and group therapy, with couples and family therapy when appropriate. Services are provided to both males and females. The ISAT AMAC Program is designed to provide a safe environment where individuals seeking treatment are able to begin the healing process and work toward becoming a survivor.

Juveniles Offending Sexually Program

The ISAT Juveniles Offending Sexually Treatment Program is structured in levels with goals for each level. Clients progress through individual, group, and family therapy. The program serves both males and females. Through treatment, clients are expected to develop an understanding of their offense and resolve related issues. Clients learn about feelings, accountability, victim empathy, thinking errors, boundaries, and being honest.

Sexual Offender Program

ISAT offers several different programs for adult sex offenders. Each program is structured around the ISAT Sexual Offender Level System and Treatment Plan. The programs include the Outpatient Program, Intensive Offender Program, and Special Needs Sex Offender Program. all programs are available to both male and female individuals. The ISAT Sex Offender Treatment Programs are designed to involve not only the sexual offender, but various family members, significant others and those individuals affected by the inappropriate and illegal behavior. Individual, group, couples, and family therapy participation is required.
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